The Reason Behind the Ratings

After years of bending over backwards in a family owned business, Kevin Cosgrove began to wonder if he was really destined for a career with minimal appreciation. No matter how hard he tried to earn respect, he was constantly taken advantage of. After standing up for efficiency, he was laid off, labeled, ridiculed and left rather discouraged.

A data-wiz and problem solver at heart, it didn’t take Kevin long to turn bitterness into action. He started thinking of ways he could build a boss review model that identified good and bad leaders while keeping employees honest. He truly believes sound data will influence corporate America.

Build a Balanced Platform.

The first thing we want to address is the lack of online recognition for good bosses and influential bosses. We want to know why they’re loved, how they’re seen as effective and what they do to manage conflict. We want to define good manager characteristics and create solutions instead of more complaints.

Supply Actionable Data.

The next step will be a push for a wide variety of reviews in order to build out boss profiles. This will help us match employees to a boss report that offers workplace tips and analyzes their compatibility. Genuine managers will appreciate the feedback. If they don’t, members will be able to identify ideal managers or boss types.

Help Corporations Improve.

You can’t take back corporate America with a measly strategy and a little concern. Our only goal isn’t just to rank bosses. We plan on using the data to show upper management how certain traits impact performance. We want to help them understand and address weak spots with support from every level.

Use Findings Appropriately.

The purpose of this site isn’t just to rate bosses and call it a day. There are just too many things worth discovering! We plan on using the data to shed light on management trends and the qualities that employees appreciate or dislike the most. How can we identify bad leaders and help them? Where can we make the biggest difference, measure results and really take things back?

Create a Valued Community.

It’s easy to complain online or to colleagues about problems at work. But what if there was a resource that encouraged working through issues with like-minded people? Sometimes, employees can be the change! So our plan is to connect people with forums and topics that surround frustrations, certain boss traits, and ways to improve a current work situation.

Publish Engaging Content.

Once the data speaks, all we have to do is tell the story. We’ve partnered with a number of creative professionals that are already licking their chops. Aside from generic topics, like work situations, leading a boss, or pursuing a new passion – there’s room for a lot of fun! Expert opinions, guest blogs, data updates, trend discoveries and new boss types will certainly make things interesting and answers vast. User stories will also give us endless material to share and inspire people with!

Redefine Community Impact.

Once we’ve established ourselves as a trusted and reliable data driven platform, we will begin to evolve our online capabilities. We’re already working through a few ideas to enhance social interaction, user functionality and guided support – without losing sight of accountability.










About the Founder

Throughout his life, Kevin has been referred to as a different kind-of-guy. Even in school, he was isolated and doubted. It hasn’t always been easy, but he knows now there’s a purpose bigger than himself. Because of this, he’s often misunderstood. Some would say he’s built like a dual processing computer. His brain is always analyzing and measuring. He gets excited over the little things like improved efficiency and aggregated data that you can actually learn from.

One thing he’s not, though, is one of those crafty entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on people’s misfortune – or even his own. He’s not emotionally charged to retaliate against a former employer either. His shortcomings have given him a lot to think about over the years. His commitment to alter the status quo in corporate America is not only intentional but sensible. Countless hours have been spent on research, feedback and assessment configuration.

Start up costs haven’t been cheap. Multiple people have been invested in to bring Kevin’s vision to life. Despite pushback, his desire to establish equity at work hasn’t wavered. He knows how important transparency is to overall accountability and general employee growth. A positive outlet for dissatisfied employees just doesn’t exist – and he sure could have used one!